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Specialize in Hardwood Floors Refinishing and Installation. All your Hardwood Floors Service needs in Washington DC, Maryalnd and Virginia.
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We we'll make your floors looks spick and shine again.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Washington DC 

We provide hardwood flooring cleaning services that guarantee a green and safe, wood floor cleaner process that ensure to avoid damaged the surface and gave you long terms ability to enjoy you hard wooden flooring. for your home or office.  Z.M’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor can either refinish your wood floors, or  install a new hardwood floors at your home or office, like residential and commercial floors installation services in washington dc, maryland and virginia. We promise to treat each job with the respect that our customers deserve, we have broad experience in the flooring services industry.  Ask us for referrals…our customers will be happy to let you know how professional our staff is. 24 hour near dc locksmith is the most reliable locksmith company

Hardwood Floors Refinishing Washington DC 

We know how important your hard wood flooring at your house, apt and offices is to you. Z.M.’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor technicians are trained to give you 200% satisfaction for your hardwood floors project, floors sanding and resurfacing as well. we will be happy to provide quotes for both large and small hard wood and flooring services projects in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. We knows that your commercial premises make your business more comfortable for your clients, we offer you high traffic finish ensure durability unlimited number of visitors at your business location. Call us at 1-888-777-8905 free estimate on location!

We use only the finest cleaning products methods, hardwood flooring service equipment that have been recommended by the leading flooring and hardwood floors manufacturers. Remember Z.M.’s professional company service has the experience are necessary to clean, buff and polish, and maintain all commercial and residential floors and wood flooring needs in Washington dc, Maryland and Virginia. We specialize in water and flood damage repair and restoration in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Z.M.’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor, removes pollen – dust mites – allergens – fungus – bacteria – furniture marks – poly – wax – finish to improve indoor air quality. We use only cleaning agents product that are safe for children, pets, and allergy sufferers. Our services include: pet odor, wax, gum and other stubborn stain removal, and mildew treatment.

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Hardwood Floors Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia:

After the new wooden floors is installed, your home or office can look brand new again, and can even add to the value of your home. You can choose to install solid hardwood floors or you can choose a laminate floor material that looks just like real wood. In either case, the wood floors must be installed on a clean, dry and level sub floor. Your final floor will only be as good as the structure of your sub floor. If your sub floor is not even, we will provide a consultation and a quote for the labor that will need to be completed, before installing your new hardwood floors. Quality is extremely important, and we want to stand by our product. Engineered hardwood flooring, like Pergo has progressed a long way. It is now nearly impossible to tell the difference between solid hardwood floors and engineered hardwood floors once they are installed.

Hardwood flooring covers cold ground, supports bare feet, and muffles the beating of telltale hearts. Update home decor while alleviating auditory hallucinations , Z.M’s Carpet & Hardwood Floor. Floor stylists will travel to any residence within their service area. Choose from the following options:

The experienced technicians at Z.M’s Carpet & Hardwood Floor repair and lay down stepping surfaces with wood floor refinishing and hardwood floor installation services in Washington, DC.Technicians arrive at homes with Eco friendly refinishing products in hand and suggest a primer color based on the condition of the floor boards. The wood-sealing primer protects from threats such as aggressive furniture legs and living-room soccer leagues. Technicians then buff floors to a smooth finish before applying a polyurethane topcoat for a natural-looking shine. After refinishing, floors stay sparkling and strong enough to host sumo-wrestler ballet for up to 10 years.

During hardwood floors installation services, linoleum, oak, laminate, brazilian, bamboo or engineered hardwood flooring blankets floors. If necessary, technicians pull up and cart away the carpets before quietly beginning work so that new hardwood floors can learn to be confident without their security area rugs. Need a towing truck ? towing in the bronx ny is the best roadside assistance in the bronx

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