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Floor Waxing in Washington DC

Floor waxing  is another area for which Z.M.’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor is specially recognized across washington dc. Floor waxing is a unique method which provides a shining texture to the floor.
The floor waxing also prevents the floor from getting scratched or stained formed from spills.

The floor wax is a special preparation of wax and polish meant to preserve the floor .The property of the wax ensures absolute protection of the floor from any kind of external damage. The waxed floors do not absorb any kind
of liquid and therefore remains stain free. The floor wax also provides a protective layer that prevents the floor from getting any kind of scratches. the scratches are mostly created from the movement of furniture’s from one
corner of the room to another.

Another benefit of dc floor waxing is, apart from giving a shiny look it keeps the floor clean .In olden days original wax was used for floor waxing. In modern days the wax that we use for floor waxing is made from synthetic
material .this synthetic material has the properties of mimic wax.

The floor waxing is usually done on hardwood floor as they are susceptible to damages like scratch and stains. We at Z.M.’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor recommend floor waxing especially for the hardwood floor.


organization has the best professionals involved in this task and has been providing services over a decade. We believe in providing immaculate and quality service to our customer. We always recommend the best possible solution to all our customers. This is one of the reasons why Z.M.’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor is the first and the last name in dc metro area where floor waxing is concerned.

Floor waxing if done on regular basis can prolong the life of any wooden floor.

Therefore it is advisable that you always choose a well known and popular organization if you are planning for floor waxing. It is a fact that if this kind of responsibility falls in wrong and inexperienced hand then you are sure to incur heavy loss. The hardwood floor is always and expensive investment therefore we always advise you to entrust its service to professionals like Z.M.’s Carpet and Hardwood Floor.

Another benefit of floor waxing is that it prevents the soaking of water in the flooring .
Water can prove to be harmful for any kind of wooden flooring. They tend to seep inside through tiny holes created through rough handling of the wooden floor. Since floor wax creates a protective layer therefore it becomes impossible for the water to drip below the flooring

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